Zhiguang Electric Showcase Full-Range International ES Products at SNEC 2024
              • 2024.06.14

              On June 13, 17th (2024) International Photovoltaic Power Generation and Smart Energy Conference & Exhibition kicked off at Shanghai Hongqiao National Convention and Exhibition Center.

              As an pursuer and advocate of smart energy, Zhiguang Electric actively embraces the trend of energy transformation, focuses on the security and stability of the power grid under the new energy situation, and empowers the  construction of a safe, efficient and low-carbon energy system.

              Focusing on different scenarios and time scales of energy storage needs, agile solutions are one of  the major highlights of  this exhibition of Zhiguang Electric. Related exhibits include the Containerized Liquid-Cooling BESS, the C&I All-In-One BESS, modular optical storage all-in-one machines, stacked energy storage systems and other objects or models, including several energy storage products for overseas markets, which were exhibited for the first time at SNEC 2024, providing customers with simplified, modular deployment, flexible expansion, stable and secure product experience on the source network side, industrial and commercial side, and household side.

              During the exhibition, Lin Zebo, Senior Vice President of Zhiguang Electric, was invited to deliver a speech at the theme forum of the Global Optical Storage Convergence Frontier Technology Conference. Plowing deeply in the field of energy technology for 25 years, Zhiguang Electric has formed a number of domestic leading and international advanced independent technologies and industrial achievements in the fields of comprehensive energy technology, power electronics technology, digital technology and applications, etc., and helps the energy storage industry to develop at a high speed and high quality with Chinese technological innovation practice.

              Zhiguang Electric has attracted many professional customers from home and abroad to communicate and consult. Everyone appreciated and recognized the company's technology and products. Zhiguang Electric also gave speeches on the top ten highlights, accepted authoritative media interviews and reports, etc., to further improve the brand influence and market position.

              In SNEC Explore Energy Storage interview, Lin Zebo shared in an interview with Solarbe, the Cascaded High-Voltage and Large-Capacity Energy Storage is Zhiguang Electric's independent research and development, industry-leading innovation of high-voltage high-capacity energy storage technology, cost-effective and efficient, charging and discharging efficiency >90%. Extreme safety, no cells, battery clusters in parallel, no running circuits. Power station to simple, reduce the construction and installation and operation and maintenance workload, at the same time can stand alone to accept the grid regulation and control, the composition of the network capacity is very strong.

              Zhiguang Electric adheres to independent innovation, research and development of hardware and software applications at home and abroad have a competitive advantage. In addition to actively promoting the green and efficient development of the domestic energy storage industry, we have also developed flexible products for overseas markets to meet the needs of local standards and international certifications, covering the fields of household storage, industrial and commercial storage, and optical storage microgrids, etc., and attracted more and more customers with high-quality products and services.

              To help customers use energy safely, economically and comfortably, rooting in the field of intelligent energy exploration, Zhiguang Electric will continue to introduce better products and services to help the global energy green low-carbon transformation and upgrading, and draw a better blueprint for energy development!